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V-Shaped Face


V-shape Face

Usually, Asian have square or round face shape but the current trend of the young generation is to have small face and slim face by reducing plump cheeks, jaw angle, and make face smaller and thinner in various ways. This is known as V-shape or heart shape face.

At Orient Clinic, we offer non-surgical treatment with Botox Injection to achieve your desired V-shape face.

Facial shaping by Botox®


Facial shaping also known as nonsurgical facial slimming, to reduce benign masseteric hypertrophy for changing a square face using Botox® either on its own or combined with lipolysis or fat dissolving.


Above is a typical before and after photo showing the potential effect of just injecting Botox® to the masseter muscle for non surgical facial contouring. The effect takes at least two months before it is apparent and can last more than a year in most patients using the high dose approach. If using the low dose approach, then the treatment needs to be repeated every few months.

Within two months, you can already see the effect which can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the dose of Botox® used. The most common comment the patients tell us is that everyone thinks they have lost weight as their face has slimmed down.  Although a single high dose of Botox® to the masseter can achieve a result lasting for over a year, it is better to maintain the desired shape with more frequent, smaller doses of Botox® after 6 to 9 months.