The annual professional activities

The carde of doctors and estheticians from Syneron, the Isarely laser devices famous for Elos technology provided a training session and performed the periodical quality inspection of devices at Orient Skincare & Laser Center

Doctors of Orient and Syneron exchanged knowledges and profound experience in treatments by laser technology.

This is one of the annual activities of Orient Skincare and Laser Center aimed at regularly updating the new skin treatment technologies as well as improving the professional competence of the carde of doctors. Furthermore, as for laser devices of over 1 year in service, they will be upgraded by Syneron for ensuring the stable operating regimes and updating the latest treatment technologies.

The annual activities this time laid high focus on the technology so called Triniti with the combination of 03 most state-of-the-art laser devices for treatment of skin aging. Each device with 03 various wavelengths assist in treating skin aging issues including scar, acne, wrinkle…. as a comprehensive solution for those with great concern about safe beauty treatments without having to undergo any operations.

Doctor De Angelis- Syneron Medical Ltd delivered a short message:

“Triniti is the most state-of-the-art technology offered by Syneron at present for treatment of skin aging thanks to its comprehensive affecting mechanism on each layer of the skin tissue, efficiently handling issues including scar causing pigments, loss of collagen of the skin resulting in wrinkles, aging face….As exchanged, I myself found that doctors of Orient were extremely successful at applying this technology towards their clients which is a great news. Orient Center is one of the centers which is well equipped with a variety of the most state-of-the-art laser devices at present for its treatments. My colleagues here are all talents with good qualifications and extensive working experience. They raise such interesting questions as a good food for thought…”