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Wrinkles and melasma have been removed - Testimonials

Wrinkles and melasma have been removed

When watching HTV program, presentation programs about Orient Skincare Center attired my attention.I called and bookedan appointment. The treatment processis to use a laser energy ray affecting  on the pigmented skin. The new cells will be born during treatment process, making  your skin smoother, firmer and getting younger appearance.

Consultant showed me some pictures describing every treatment step from old patients and their methods.The pictures are "not nice" but the final result  is so impressive, wrinkles and melasma have been removed!

The staffs are  very caring and friendly. Now myskin gets ruddy, even the flushedskin begins to fade. Now I know how to protect skin underthe sun. I use some good cosmetics and regularly visit the center to relax and enjoy skincare from new devices as "protecting my investment."

Staffs in  the Centre are so special to me and my life becomes richer, not because of facial treatment but new relationships formation .

 I willalways keep in touch with Orient’sdoctors and staffs.