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Smooth skin makes me more confident in my life

I have had  acnes since my 9th grade. We all know that teenagers often face thisdisease due to hormonal changes. Because of being self-deprecating, I have found many ways to hide comedoesbut it seems to appear more on the skin.


How great am I without acnes

When treated at Orient, I feel 80 percent of new and old acnes in remission. Theselong-hidden subcutaneous nodulocystic acnes have irritated me, begun to break apart and come off gradually. I notice bruises, red spots like blood  stains disappeared.

Wrinkles and melasma have been removed

 When watching HTV program, presentation programsabout Orient Skincare Center attired my attention. I called and booked an appointment. The treatment process is to use a laser energy ray affecting  on the pigmented skin. The new cells will be born during treatment process, making  your skin smoother, firmer and getting younger appearance.

I strongly believe Orient

After more than four months of acne treatment package, I really feelvery happy, ... light skin, not greasy as before and acnes do not rise again.I currently keep care packages to remove bruises and some concave scars left by previous acnes .

Do not hesitate the skin care center arrival whether you are male or female

During my schoolyears, I always feel self-deprecatingand so ashamed when appearing in front of people especially my girlfriends. I do not remember how many method s are usedto improve my face but acnes have still emerged, making my face terrible.