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Membership of Orient

With the lump sum fee of 3,800,000 VND, you can enjoy:

-         Skincare service by Vitamin: 04 times

-         Skin rejuvenation or skincare service by high end vitamins or UnderArm service: 01 time

-         Relaxing Care Body: 02 times

-         Relaxing Care Foot: 02 times

As a Member of Orient and a Holder of Member Card, you can enjoy services with discount within 01 year:

-         10% discount as for treatment and skincare services (Thermage are excluded)

-         15% discount for Relaxing care

-         Services included in the Member Card are caring services by vitamin (04 times), 2 body massage (normal-02 times), foot massage (normal-02 times) and 1 Meso/SR/UnderArm [as per the Doctors’ instructions or at the discretion of the clients)

-         The validity of the Membercard is 01 year

- The Membercard is used in the form of point accumulation. Within 01 year, if you choose the services which apply point accumulation at any branches of Orient with value over 20,000,000 VND, your Membercard is extended for the following year and with the value over 50,000,000 VND, your membercard is changed into VIP card with the following benefits:

-         Enjoying 20% discount for caring and skincare services (Thermage excluded)

-         Enjoying 10% discount for Thermage treatment service

-         Enjoying 30% discount for Relaxing Care Services

-         The validity of the VIP Card is 01 year

Good news for all interested clients….. Orient will keep its clients informed of the other updated special treatments in the upcoming time. You can have confidence in Orient as your reliable partner as preferential treatments offered by Orient have still been added to the list….