Melasma usually occurs without symptom, however becomes a major concern  for many people in regards of cosmetic.  

Skin color depends on the synthetic process of melanine pigment by melanocyte cells.

The intergrated regulation results from the complex effects of many factors like gene inheritance, dietary, incretory, age, microcirculation and factors affecting exposure and sensitivity to sunlight. 


 Classification of skin hyperpigmentation:

1. Clinical classification:

- Melasma (chlolasma): large array of irregular network formation. Focusing on the cheek, upper lip and forehead.

- Freskle (Ephelide, freckle): small size between 2 and 5mm, uneven distribution on the face, shoulder, back and zones exposed to light.

- Lentigo: Solar lentigines (liver spots), Multiple lentigines…: Size equal or larger than freckle spots. Focusing on the face and hand’s back, diverse color and size. 

- Hyperpigmentation after inflammation, injury: Location and size depend on the inflammted or injuried zones. It can associated with a decrease in pigmentation.   

2. Histological classification:

- Hyperpigmentation on the upper epidermis and dermis.

- Due to melanine hyperpigmentation and melanocyte pigmentation cell increase.

Based on this classification, it has helped experts, doctors in one manner with skin diseases as speicality can predict therapeutic results or healing capacity for each type of hyperpigmentation(melasma).

The treatment is a therapeutic process that needs to combine a variety of methods and require customers’ patience to be monitored and evaluated before or after each treatment. Today, besides classical treatments such as the use of oral medication, topical one for support…, the birth of new technology of high-tech laser applied in medicine, especially in the skin cosmetic sector, it has more or less brought more satisfactory treatments for this hyperpigmentation status.

High-tech laser technology in rejuvenating skin, especially ELOS technology is the solution of skin hyperpigmentation problems as known as a major concern of many peoplehas been put into use in Vietnam,as a breakthrough for the development of skincosmetic industry as the "marvelous light" to help the skin regeneration,namely taking  away traces of aging, expressed by pigmented spots on your skin.

- ELOS technology offeringsolutions to this hyperpigmentation is currently being applied by doctors for melasma treatment at Orient Skincare & Laser Center, it is AURORA device with SR filter, including light energy (IPL) on the wave-length of 580 - 980nm generating the heat quantity from 10 to 45J/cm2 and the electromagnetic energy (RF) with the wave-length of 1 MHz generating the heat quantity from 5 to 25J/cm3.

In the cellular layer between epidermis and dermis focuses a lot of Melanine reproductive pigment cells (the main pigment in freckles, tortoise, melasma, ..). This pigment is proved to be the best absorbed light(IPL) and electromagnetic energy (RF), creating a sufficient and appropriate heat quantity to break down melanine molecules into smaller pieces and then thesepigment debris will be naturally eliminated by the body. With the mechanism, AURORA SR machine helps to dim freckles, tortoises, melasma from 70 to 90 percent.  Also it will associat skin structures such as diminuing sweat pores, dimming deep scars and concave scars due to acnes. So that your skin will become brighter and smoother.

Preeminent property in regard to ELOS technology of Aurora-SR machine is to use two different forms of energy as a resonance combination for the therapeutic process, to create a sufficient and appropriate heat to warm up the dermis and increase efficiency. On the other hand, when using in conjunction with RF wave, IPL light energy will be decreased lower(this heat energy source warms up the epidermis), thenimproving significantly the injury status of laser projecting zone by heat, raising safety.

 We are very pleased to welcome you at our center to be evaluated specificly and distributed most appropriate therapeutic objects.

MA-Dr Ho Xuan Vuong - Dermatological Speciality

ORIENT Skincare & Laser Center