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Keep your skin beautiful when travellling

Replies to readers

•Master – doctor Ho Xuan Vuong – specialized in the demotogy of Orient Skincare Center replies:

Normally when travelling, working to the new place, our skin will be affected by changes of environment, weather….

Thus, the first thing when moving, you shall study and find out how is its temperature, humidity, heat?. It shall understand that the most important weapon in the luggage of long journey is sun-proof cream. In particular, the interaction of sunlight directly to the skin should be prevented. 

If coming to the hot place, you shall not use only sun-proof cream on the face but also on the whole body. “travel set” make-up set shall be carried for the skin care as usual ways like cleanser, moisturizer…Sun-proof cream is used in day time, skin care like at home in the night time.

Do not forget to cleanse because it is one of important factors to keep skin clean out of dusty wind in the travel journey.  

Remember to drink plenty of water because the skin beauty depends on the health of body. When going to the further place, seating in the vehicle for a long time, women are usually afraid to drink water. This affects to the skin because it will be dry. You can not drink much water but prevent from the dry mouth by sip to sip water. Not making skin dry, one kind of Facial spray mineral water can be used to help balance moisture, prevent dehydration.  

Skin reacts very rapidly with the hot sunlight or the cold weather. Thus moisturizer carriage and application before going outside is recommended.  Powder is not applicable to the make-up except the use of moisturizer to keep skin moist.  

When coming to the cold place, skin is usually easy to be itched, not only at the face zone but also on the whole body. In addition, we take a warm bath, leading itchy skin then hypersensitivity after 3 days. It is most important to keep moist, not only at the face zone but also in the whole body and apply regulary moisturizer all days and nights. If  business lasting over than 10 days, it is necessary to use moisturizing masks, anti-sunburnt ones…

In the case of acne, melasma, it shall remember to drink, apply medication under the doctor treatment. If using special products for the acne, melasma treatment but still causing dry skin, desquamation , you should decrease the time of cream application or seperatedly…