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Facial Masks


A facial mask is a special type of paper containing skin nutrients that is applied onto the face. Its main purpose is to provide the nourishment your skin needs from the outside. When a facial mask is put on for a specific time, it allows your skin to breath in the mask's nutrients. The other functions of the facial mask is to clean and smoothen the face. A facial mask usually contains minerals, vitamins and fruits extracts.

There are different types of facial masks, which suit different purposes. While some are for skin cleaning, others can be healing acne. A facial mask is usually washed off with warm water, wipe off with a damp cloth, or even peeled off by hand.

Orient offers you different types of facial masks depending on your purpose. We have masks for all purposes. The following are the types that we carry:

Mask Moist: comes from seaweed that provides enriched moisture to dehydrated skin, suitable for all skin types.

Mask Green: absorbs oil and clear up skin pores  and deliver appropriate amount of moisture.
Mask Sensitive: suitable for sensitive skin.
Mask Acne: soothes acne skin and reduces inflammation.
Mask White: lightens the color of your skin and helps to reduce irregular pigmentation or acne scarring.
Mask Noir: a firming mud mask, oxygen mask, purification mask and an exfoliating mask all in one. From Premier Dead Sea.
Mask Anti-aging: enriched with vitamins and minerals to reduce the signs of aging.