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· Need-to-knows by Laser treatment

With its progress in medicine, Laser has been applied in the dermatological treatment. Especially in the skin cosmetic industry, the new beauty tendency has currently used the laser method. This is the method not applicable to the surgery, safety and effect.

Laser light is considered as the type of light able to damage eyes, thus when given into our skin, what injury can cause in the future?

Laser light is known as harmful to eyes because if comparing the laser light source with the ordinary one, we will see a prominent difference: the ordinary source light distributes lights to all sides in the whole space , while the laser light transmits only in one direction with a very narrow aperture. So when working with high-power laser, eye protection is firstly the most important, protective glasses are known as the easiest and the most convenient to protect eye effectively. Each type of laser device owns its special protective glasses. Upon the laser treatment, customers will be worn protective glasses appropriate for each type of laser and irradiated laser in a sealed room without the leakage of laser, indoor doctors and staffs must wear also protective glasses.

he laser ray’s degree of penetration depends on the wavelength, energy of each laser device. Laser energy when absorbed on the skin can be directly converted into heat energy and increase the skintemperature. Therefore laser can cause some side effects such as redness, blisters or skin pigmentation disorders, these side effects can be adjusted if we use laser safely and compliancewith the skin type.

there are some laser contraindication, laser should not use in thefollowing circumstances:

- P
regnant women.

- Use a pacemaker ordefibrillator.

- Have metal implantsin the body.

- Allergic or sensitive skin to light.

- Keloids in history.

- Atypical or malignant moles.

- Uncontrollable diabetes ...

What skin problem can be treated by l
aser treatment method?

Today, laser has applied popularly in the cosmetic dermatological industry such as:

Treatment of skin diseases: acne-melasma, other hyperpigmentationdiseases (freckle, tortoise), subcutaneous vascular diseases (vasodilation, vascular tumor, less innates ...), lentigo, malleolus, keloid, concave scars (due to acnes, chickenpox, injury)...
- In additional, solution of cosmetic
problems such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatment, subcutaneous fat, wrinkle, flown skin ... to help face and body moreslim and firm.

Laser treatment is painless. When projecting laser on the skin, we will feel warm or lightly injected, or irritated, sometimes deeply hot depending on the stimulated tissue. However, each laser device is equipped by the cooling system before,during and after treatment to protect skin, making the treatment process safe and comfortable.

Advices in using the
laser method for treatment? Shall we follow any special regime?

Skin t
reatment by laser technology is currently one of the most modern methods in the medical medicine cosmetic industry, bringing convenience to treated people because of not spending much refreshment time andnot necessarily having a special diet before and after treatment process.

However, to achievethe best performance, when treating with the laser method, we should pay attention to some following issues:

Before treatment
Avoid exposure to the sunlight prior to treatment, such as swimming, sunbathing ...
Stop using products with skin irritation or skin cleaningbefore treatment.

b/ During
- Treated s
kin zone shall be cleaned before beginning treatment.
During treatment, it is most important that a customeror patient and all those in the laser treatmentroom must wearprotective glasses upon the laser projection to avoid eye damages.

After treatment:
Always use a sun-proof cream (SPF from 30) duringthe treatment process.
Avoid directly contact with the sunlight.
Do not use cosmetics and cleansers with strong detergents or nourishing skin creams with skin abrasive property.
Need to have good cooperation and compliance with the instructions ofdoctor during the treatment.

In s
ummary: In the current skin cosmetic industry, laser is one popular and widely applied method in many countries around the world, thanks to its preeminent properties like "painless laser treatment, no surgery use, or not loss much refreshment time". However, for the effective and safe treatment, we should choose specialist and reputable foundations, tobe adviced carefully before deciding treatment.

Dr. Chuong Ngoc Hanh
Dermatological Specialityof Orient Skincare & Laser Center.

· 10 advices to acned patents

 Acne treatment takes regularly until its completion of acnes, bruises in the face surface and the bottom face, back, chest…The treatment period lasts 6 to 12 weeks (sometimes the treatment spends many months).

Hereafter are some pratical advices that Orient doctors would like to offer to who are facing acne problems. You shall take reference and try to realize how effective are they...

1. Need to know reasons why you are acned, all wonders of disease shall be consulted by doctors and guided more details to achived the best performance.  

2. During treatment, keep to the doctor guidance, do not use more kinds of following products like make-up base, oily sun-proof cream without doctors’ instruction. Note that some products such as soap, cleanser can cause skin reaction (like redness, lepidosis) and raise more acnes.

Just wash face with normal water or warm water several times a day is enough to cleanse skin in first treatment weeks.

3. Absolutely do not use some products, creams containing CORTICOID substance (such as Topsil, Topgel, Cortibion, “self-made” cream…) applied to the face for the acne treatment, because these kinds will make skin burnt, thin, easily irritated and more acne outbreaks.  

4. Do not squeeze acnes without permission of treating doctors, absolutely do not scratch the face surface, because it will easily cause infection, pimples, acnes, pock-mark face and pitted surface becomes intensively burnt.

 5. Diet: limit sweet foods (tea, chocolate ..), fat (fried and oily food) or stimulants (tobacco, alcohol, coffee, ..) will create  seborrhea on your skin and then acnes.

6. Avoid stress, overanxious (stress) or late wake because they also create facial seborrhea.Should sleep at around 7 to 8 hours / day.

 7. Avoid too hot and humid placessuch as sauna, kitchen without ventilation, going to the beach ... to prevent skin contact with the heated sun from 10 am to 3 pm),because ultraviolet rays will cause an increase in acnes.

 8. Play gentle sports. Avoid swimming under the intense sun or at the pool containing strong detergents(alkaline)

9. Acne treatment should include application and drink medicines and and laser ray irradiation, because this combination will be adjusted disordersin the body causing acnes such as seborrhea, endocrine disorder, heavy infection, providing needed vitamins- nutrients forskin regeneration process.

 10.When applying acne medications, at first will feel burning, itching, red for about 10 to15 minutes after applicationor will dry out the skin, slightly desquamate skin at the applied skin area. These symptoms are normal and will disappear after a few day. If they take all day or worsen, it must discontinue and re-examine right away.We can limit bycleaning face first, apply medicationat night, just applya thin layer in the acne skin area.

Acne treatment keeps continuously until its full disappear of acnes, bruises on the skin surface and the bottom of face surface, back, chest ... Treatment period usually lasts about 6 to12 weeks (sometimes the treatment takes many months).

ORIENT Skincare & Laser Center